Sunday, May 31, 2009

Workin' on the Snatch

They say that the kettlebell snatch is one of the single best movements for developing explosive strength and improving conditioning. I've been doing k-bell snatches on and off in my workouts for a while now but have never really "tested" myself on the lift - today was as good a day as any...

At a time of somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-9 minutes I hit my 147th rep and subsequently tore a callous from my left hand - nothing serious, not enough to stop my workout, just enough to put an end to my snatch test. I was pretty happy with this number, as I've not done snatches for this duration before. I think if I clean up my form just a little more that 200+ reps in ten minutes will be very doable before the end of June.

I spent the rest of my workout time juggling my new 30lb kettlebell: mostly hand to hand flips and towers. I also spent a few good minutes working on my BUP toss transfer, which I hit a few times - I think I'll be ready for a clean video of this probably within the next week.

All in all it was a good day - might hit up some Yoga tonight after dinner if I can settle the kids down.

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