Monday, May 11, 2009

Interesting Weekend

I started out the weekend with the best intentions, I was making a two hand pinch set up to begin working on. I don't exactly know what happened, but during the course of the building process my hand slipped and I punched a nice hole in the webbing between the thumb and index finger of my right hand - it isn't as bad as I first thought, in fact it's healing pretty nicely already, but it did screw up my Sunday workout plan...


Bear Hug

142 X 5
172 X 3
192 X 1
212 X 1
222 X 1
232 X Fail
172 X 3


90 X 5 X 5
135 X 5 X 5
170 X 2 X 2
195 X 1 X Fail
205 X Fail (stupid hole in hand)
170 X 1 X 1

Kettlebell Figure eights

1 X 5 minutes

No Grippers because of my hand - it's not like I can't do anything, the cut is just a bit of an inconvenience that will force me to alter my plans for probably just a few days. I think if I lay off of Grippers until Wednesday or so I'll be fine.

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