Thursday, May 28, 2009


The last two nights I've spent doing loads of volume on the new grippers I received from my sponsor BMF Sports via Alan at APT, for those of you who've never visited APT (famous for wrist wraps) I highly suggest a visit. Alan has amassed a huge inventory of powerlifting, bodybuilding and strongman training equipment and his customer service is second to none.

This was done each night:

Hg100 X 100 each hand
HG200 X 50 each hand
Singles with Vulcan up to level 7

(the large quantities weren't all performed in one set, but broken down over a few - ie, I didn't do 100 reps in a row or 50 reps in a row)

I also did some stretching and some super slow rep push ups and pull ups - nothing to write home about, but enough to get a good burn.

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