Friday, May 1, 2009

Yesterday's Workout

I took a break from the daily grind at my 9-5 yesterday in order to spend some quality time reading up on the fine information over at Marunde Muscle - the forum originally established by the late professional American strongman Jesse Marunde and his wife.

Whenever I roam around on that site I end up in the "Squat more" thread - Jesse was a big believer in the "king of the exercises" and a big advocate of getting under the bar and whenever I read this thread I wonder exactly why I'm not squatting more...

I don't have a power rack at the homestead, so yesterday's plan of squatting was also going to involve some overhead pressing, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing if I plan on hitting an NAS strongman event sometime in the fall because overhead pressing is another area of my training that often gets ignored.

Understand that I went into this workout without the perfect plan, so it may seem like a pretty unstructured workout but I'm most certainly feeling it today so it couldn't have been all bad.

I took my Oly barbell with a couple 35's a couple 25's and a handfull of 10's and 5's out into the backyard and here's what happened...

95 snatch into a set of 8 OHP, then barbell to my back for one set of ten squats
115 snatch into a set of 5 OHP, barbell to back for one set of 20 squats
115 snatch into 5 OHP, 20 squats
125 snatch X 3 OHP, 15 squats
125 snatch X 3 OHP, 10 squats
115 snatch X 3 OHP, 10 squats
95 snatch X 10 OHP, 25 squats

Plate Curls
25 X 3 X 8 each hand

Suitcase Deads
135 X 2 X 10 singles each side

It was probably much more of a conditioning workout than what you would consider a "strongman" style session, but I'll need to up my conditioning to if I'm planning on competition in the not too distant future. As I get back into some kind of a groove, the numbers will go up and I'll feel more comfortable with the lifts.

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