Friday, May 22, 2009

Vulcan - and Good News

I did grab a hold of the Vulcan last night for some playing on the left hand. No PR's, but I did work up to 100 reps on level 3 broken down into a couple sets, then I did some negative work at level 9.

Even though I've really been increasing the volume on my left hand of late, I feel as though I'm recovering very quickly. I feel as though I could probably even get in a few solid closes right now if I had a gripper.

Just got word that my good friend, sponsor, and personal/business adviser Shawn "Bud" Lyte of BMF Sports (link to right) has some grippers on the way for me!!! Within the next few days, three brand new, beautiful HG grippers of varying strengths will arrive on my doorstep.

I'll also be getting some samples or Protyme - the new BMF protein supplement, so you can expect full reviews of both the grippers and the protein in the coming days.

Thanks Bud!!!

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