Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grippers and Prasara

Worked grippers for the last two nights in a similar scheme to my previously posted gripper workout:

HG150 X 100 each hand
HG200 X 50 each hand
Some Vulcan Play

I think I'll continue with this schematic through the rest of this week and then graduate to the HG200 for my initial volume set and the HG250 for the secondary volume set.

I've been practicing some poses from the Prasara Yoga book and I've learned one very important thing - when your mobility sucks yoga is a hell of a lot more difficult than it looks! I've focused on my breathing and on fluid transfers between poses that I can actually do and I am noticing a bit of a difference - my mobility is still in the toilet, but getting a little better and I don't seem to be as easily stressed at work, sothings are looking up on that avenue!

I also put in a request for a price on a twenty pound clubbell from one of the gents on the gripboard (the clubbell is another genius training modality from Prasara Yoga man Scott Sonnon), if the price is right I just may add that to my ever growing collection of grip/conditioning toys.

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