Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Workout Last Night

I wasn't feeling one hundred percent upon entering the dungeon, I had planned on getting outside into the backyard but a sudden thunderstorm ruined that plan. I though the disappointment was going to make it harder to get into a groove, but I managed to get into it with some good intensity almost right out of the gate.

I ended up doing lots of one and two hand pinch - I worked my blobs, blockweights and hex dumbbells by the face and spent some quality time doing holds for time on my newly created two hand pinch apparatus.

No major weights were lifted, but there was a good bit of volume. After the "pinch fest" I did some figure eights and basic kettlebell swings.

I finished up with a bit of "research" for my new squat theory and still had a bit of energy left for a little play on the Vulcan.

Lvl 3 X 5 each hand
Lvl 5 X 2 each hand
Lvl 6 X 1 each hand
Lvl 3 X 5 each hand

I purchased a tetting hub from one of the fine gents on the gripboard and am hoping that it will be here within the next few days - I've got some big plans for that hub!

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