Thursday, May 14, 2009

This week on TSB

I'm a writer for TSB magazine, have been for a few months now. For those of you who don't know of TSB it's a pretty gnarly online men's magazine with advice on dating, success, social life, technology, fitness (where I come in) and a whole lot of other interesting stuff.

It can be funny, clever and downright crazy depending upon what you check out when you drop by - I honestly don't know why I haven't been linking to my articles over there.

Here's a link to this last week's piece on spring fitness

You can peruse the "Alpha Living" section if you'd like to find previous articles from me and moving forward I'll link to each new article for those of you who'd like to check them out. My focus thus far has been getting people (mainly beginners) motivated to get off their tails and get healthy and as the weeks go by I'll probably begin to touch on some more advanced topics.

If you do decide to head over there - thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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