Monday, May 18, 2009

The Man of Fifty Snatches

Well my hand is in much worse shape today than it was yesterday, hurts like a you know what from the middle all the way to the edge of the pinkie side...

In the spirit of improving my left side to catch it up with my much stronger right I did a set of fifty kettlebell snatches on my left side, then went on to some left handed gripper work with the Vulcan.

I went back and watched Paul Knight's instructional on setting a gripper and I felt like I picked up a little more knowledge and bettered my technique a bit, then I proceeded to crank out sets of max parallel reps starting on level three and working my way up to a final of 4 on level 6. While not my biggest single close on the left side, it was much more volume than I've been doing on my left.

I also hit the dungeon for just a tiny bit of squat research.

It was a good night overall!

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