Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's Workout

Took the day off of work today - my daughter's first field trip at school and my wife went along as a chaperone so I stayed home to look after my son - not a bad job, in fact I wish I was at home to do it every day

Started out with some bending - cut six inch nails down to five inches and bent in reverse style, I did half a dozen or so before moving down into the dungeon to move a bit of iron. Got a decent video, I'll post it tomorrow.

Today I was in the mood to work the V-bar...

45 X 5 each hand
90 X 5 each hand
135 X 3 each hand
170 X 1 each hand
190 X 1 right, bomb left
205 X 1 right
215 X 0
170 X 1 each hand
135 X 10 singles each hand

Kettlebell hand to hand tosses

1 X 50
1 X 40
1 X 30
1 X 25

Still have about a dozen nails left and some CRS, if my hands and arms feel up to it I might hit a little more bending tomorrow.

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