Thursday, May 14, 2009

The First Test

I had laid off of the gripper's for a few days in hopes that the cut in the webbing of my hand would heal and it's actually been feeling good so I decided to give the grippers a shot. Before the cut I had been working the #3 with some regularity since it arrived and felt light I was starting to make some progress, hopefully this will only be a very minor set back.

When I first put the #3 in my hand for a negative rep, I could tell that the heavy knurling combined with the excessive force needed to close this beast was going to be too much for my hand (hopefully I'll be fully recovered by Friday) - thankfully David Horne's Vulcan Gripper has no knurling!


Level 3 X 5 each hand
Level 4 X 3 each hand
Level 5 X 2 each hand
Level 6 X 1 each hand
Level 7 X 1 each hand
Level 9 X 3 sets of 3 negatives

I'm also working on an interesting theory for improvements on the squat - at this point the theory in only in it's infancy, but I'll report more as my research unfolds - all in all it was a pretty good night!

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