Sunday, May 24, 2009

TSB & New Grippers

My piece this week for TSB questions the necessity of a positive attitude to achieve results in the gym. In all honesty it wasn't a topic I had thought a whole lot about until I received Mike Mahler's Aggresive Strength Magazine last week. Mike did an article on how having a positive attitude can actually be a detriment to reaching your goals - here are my thoughts on the topic...

TSB Article

I also recieved my three new grippers courtesy of my Sponsor - BMF Sports yesterday (Thanks Bud). I've heard people question the quality of HG hand grippers in the past, but prior to yesterday I had only ever handled two (both of which seemed fine to me), so I honestly wasn't sure exactly what I was going to get. I opened all three grippers and inspected them pretty closely - all mounts are even and all seem of very good construction.

I even took the lightest strength of the three (HG150) and cranked out a few reps on my injured right hand to see how it felt. To my surprise I didn't feel a whole lot of pain, so I proceeded to CCS the 150 for a pretty good number of slow singles with short holds at the end - this was yesterday and my hand actually feels pretty good today, hopefully this is a good sign that I'm nearing full recovery.

Yesterday was pretty hectic (daughter's gymnastics, a fair and a barbecue) so I didn't do a full gripper workout, but like any fitness freak I couldn't resist at least giving all of the new equipment a few minutes of my attention. On my left side I warmed up with the HG150 then did just a few work sets with the HG200 and HG250 - all three grippers seem of very good quality after the brief test run I put them through.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their long holiday weekend - it's not often the we get an extra day away from work - so relax, have fun, get in an extra workout and be safe!

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