Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lots of Reading

I've worked my way through Scott Sonnon's Prasara Yoga book and honestly found it very interesting. Sonnon knows how to take scientific verbiage and make it easy to understand in the settings in which you'll need to use it.

I expected a simple layout with instructions on posing and breathing, but what I got was a detailed history and working game plan backed by scientific evidence and Sonnon's expertise in both Yoga and physicality as a whole to get me back on my path to being fully mobile and pain free again.

I even began with some poses and transitions focusing on breathing and flow after putting the book down. I could tell immediately that the stresses I've been putting my body under over the course of the last few years have really taken a toll on some even simple movements.

With Scott Sonnon's guidance through his very well written book, I hope to have full mobility back in the near future (though it will no doubt take plenty of practice and focus) and at that point I believe I'll be an even more explosive and focused athlete.

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