Sunday, December 20, 2009


Two feet of snow from early Saturday morning until early Sunday morning meant shoveling - lots and lots of shoveling. Two plowed in cars, a plowed in driveway and two properties between me and my wife was probably enough conditioning work for the day.

I'm gonna hit some body weight squats, some planks for time and have a few squeezes on a gripper or two before I jump in the shower and grab dinner - after that it'll be time for relaxing before hitting the hay early because I'm probably in for some more shoveling at work tomorrow.

Haven't seen this much snow since I can't remember when, had the kids out three different times for sledding, snowball fights and some general mayhem over the course of the last two days - the clean up is a pain in the..., but the benefit of watching them have what seems like more fun than is possible is worth every minute of that clean up.

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