Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hectic Night Last Night

I honestly don't even really know where the time went, I didn't get involved in any major projects but the time got eaten away - the night seemed to completely vanish. I didn't use that as any kind of excuse to miss my workout though - I just shortened it up a little bit.

I skipped grip (my hands needed a day off anyway), and resistance training was minimal ( a few planks for time and a few handstands) - I pretty much focused entirely on conditioning with intervals on the stair-climber.

I spoke with my older brother via text a little last night and some this morning - I could be re-entering the world of competitive sports in the not too distant future with him as a catalyst. The prospect is pretty exciting - after thinking about I realized that I haven't actually been involved in any kind of serious competition in far too long - official announcements will be made as soon as the details are hammered out.

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