Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pull Up Bars

Pull ups are one of the cornerstone exercises to any body-weight routine, they are also hugely beneficial to any weight training routine as well. They strengthen your back, your upper and lower arms, your core and they improve your grip.

The beauty of the pull up, like many body-weight exercises, is that you don't need any big fancy machine to do them - all you need is a bar and a sturdy door frame. If you want to add this incredible strength building exercise to your repertoire, here are the best of the best in portable pull up bars:

Best Pull-Up Bar

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested on getting a pull up chin bar,but one major concern on my part is my door trim is about 8" and I know that most of the pull up chin bar in the market will not accomodate as to the the maximum is at 6.5".
    Please can you help me on this or locate a pull up chin bar that will work for my door trim that stands at 8".