Friday, December 18, 2009

Conditioning and Weathermen

Last night's workout was a split of conditioning - I started out doing some interval work on the stair climber and followed that up with 125 kettlebell swings. Some people fail to realize just how effective kettlebells are for fat burning/conditioning workouts - if you want a serious cardio challenge grab an appropriately weighted bell and crank out 100+ swings, it might just make you rethink your approach to what is good for increasing your "wind."

On a side note, weathermen are predicting a number of possible scenarios for this weekend in my neck of the woods - anywhere from a few inches to upwards of a foot before the weekend is out. They've already issued the winter storm warning.

I, like everyone else, have been disappointed/confused by weather predictions in the past but with a "100%" chance of snow it looks as though I'll be getting some outdoor conditioning at least once this weekend and that I better reserve plenty of time to play because if more than a few inches falls, the kids will have me out there for the bulk of the available daylight hours.

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