Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of my best friends has re-entered the world of education - he's back in school studying video production, which I never thought he should have abandoned a number of years ago (temporarily abandoned would be a more appropriate categorization now I suppose). His class had apparently had a project last week in which they had to pitch an idea for a show - long story short, the team used video clips from YouTube to pitch an "online talent search" and one of my videos was featured:

I still think it's hilarious that my son runs into the room to clean up my wraps after I've finished the bend - I only wish those habits of cleaning up had continued : )

I know that if my buddy wasn't on the group that picked the featured videos that I probably wouldn't have been on there, but any way that I can pass along my passion (and the benefits) of old school feats of strength to others who would have otherwise not been exposed is cool with me.

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