Monday, March 2, 2009

Yesterday's Workout

Yesterday I worked some light finger lifts for volume - staying in the 125lb range for multiples. I also worked a lot of hand grippers and block weights, a few sets of deadlifts (fast singles with 375) and one nice set of twenty rep front squats. This is the first time that I've done front squats in a long while so I fully expect my quads to be giving me trouble today.

This morning I also started the "one hundred pushups program" with this reasoning - I do a lot of unconventional movements: bending, one hand and one finger lifts, blockweights, etc. I figure that you can't get much more conventional that the push up, and working my way up to one hundred consecutive reps through the weeks on this program will also help out on the conditioning side as I don't do much more than single reps (other than the twenty rep squats.)

It's important to implement variation into your routines for good overall body development and since I don't particularly focus on conditioning, chest or triceps exercises I though one hundred rep pushups would fill in some of the void in my regimen - and it only take a matter of a few minutes three days a week so it won't conflict with anything else I'm doing.

As per the schedule I performed:
1 set of 10
1 set of 12
2 sets of 7
1 set to failure (I did twenty one, probably could have gotten a few more, but I was really feeling it in my back after yesterdays workout and I didn't want to overdue it on the first day) - We'll see what happens!

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