Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Push Ups, Kettlebells and Soreness

Sundays regular workout wasn't anything too special. the family was still sick so I spent my time outside of the dungeon again - lots of plate curls wrist curls and hammer curls...

Monday I went on a marathon bending session working on my explosiveness and from through more grade 2's and I tore a total of six decks of cards (including one vertical that I got the worlds darkest video of)

This morning my hands and wrists, and left shoulder were SORE - I think I might take a few days off of bending and tearing while they heal up

Today's Push Ups - Week two, day one (performed on perfect push-up handles)

2 sets of 14
2 sets of 10
1 set to failure (27, but extenuating circumstances made it more difficult than it probably should have been)

I also took my kettlebell outside for a few minutes to play, which led to a few sets of bottoms up presses and a very mild self intro to kettlebell "juggling" - I recently re-watched John Brookefield's video of the "Tower of Terror", thus the inspiration for throwing around a heavy ball of iron with a handle - word of caution - this practice is quite a bit more difficult than it looks!

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