Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Push-Ups and Bells

I started off today with a little shoulder pre-hab and some dislocations to try and stay limber - then it was on to the push-ups...

1 set of 20
1 set of 25
2 sets of 15
1 set to failure (32 - felt good, but I took a brief pause in the upright position after #27)


I didn't do much "free form" or spontaneous juggling really, but I drilled the basics for about twenty minutes. I did two hand flips, alternating one hand flips, same-hand flips and back to two hand flips before I finished up with a few sets of BUP's. Since the weather in my neck of the woods has broken, I'm really into getting outside to play a bit and the juggling gives me a perfect excuse to do so - it also gives me a good excues to clean up the backyard, which has proven to keep my wife happy.


  1. Looks like you're making progress on the pushups. Good work on that soda can, by the way. I've gotten a real kick out of your juggling and it's inspired me to try a bit on my own.

  2. Thanks much Josh! The pushups are working out just as I had planned - I'm getting enough work to know that I'm doing it, but I'm not too gassed to really sink effort into the rest of my workout