Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guest Article for Bare Essentials

A few months back I was asked if I'd like to do a guest piece for a magazine called Bare Essentials and I honestly didn't have to think very long about it. I stumbled upon the website via Beyond Strong (Professional Stuntman and Strongman extraordinaire Nick McKinless' site) and there was a lot of good content on there.

The piece is about my view of the emergence of women in strength sports and it details three very impressive ladies including Carol Ann Myers.

You can check the article, and the rest of the magazine out by following this link:

What it takes to be a Woman of Power


  1. One has to sign up for an account to read the article. An account was created and confirmed, but access is still denied.

  2. I accessed the magazine with no trouble last night, but today I seem to be having the same problem that you experienced. I've reached out to the magazine editor and to the publisher with an explanation of the problem and hope that it will be rectified soon.