Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bodyweight and Grip

Last night's training remained on the light side, though I feel fully recovered from this past weekends viral episode I wanted to maintain a reasonably low activity level for a few more days to ensure that everything stayed at 100%.

I did a number of sets of push ups, each with a slight variation to change up the muscles that were doing the bulk of the work: standard, dive bomb, close grip, diamond grip and one legged (one set on each side). Each variation was only done for one set to near failure, rest between sets was minimal.

After my push ups were complete I did some work on the Vulcan Gripper, just a few sets at level one for warm up and then two "work sets" at level five until failure.

In my internet surfing a ways back, I stumbled upon an excellent website on bodyweight training. I visited there a number of times several months ago and learned some very interesting things from the knowledgeable people there - my foray into push ups this week drudged up the memory and caused me to visit this morning to find plenty more good info. I don't think it will be so long before I pay BodyWeight Culture a visit again - this site is definitely worth checking out, whether you're a bodyweight freak or not, I highly recommend it.

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