Monday, January 25, 2010

Grip, Grip and more Grip

Yesterday's workout was all about working grip.

I started out with static holds of a barbell in the DO (no hook) hand position, 3 sets to failure.

Then moved onto 2HP, my two hand pinch set up is as basic as can be: 2 35lb (smooth sides out) serve as the apparatus and a piece of 1-1/2 conduit serves to hold additional weight. I did 5 sets of three reps increasing weight with each set before moving onto to sets of singles with a static hold.

I finished up my time in the dungeon with some one finger lifting. I worked the middle and ring fingers on both hands with a few sets of singles and holds. The weights were kept pretty light as I haven't done too much finger lifting of late and I used no padding between my finger and the apparatus. I worked up to a little over 100lbs and could have handled more with the middle fingers but rather than risk too much weight too soon I opted to perform holds with the lighter weight.

I finished up the workout upstairs with some gripper work - nothing too fancy, work sets with the Vulcan, a little choker work and some negatives.

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