Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 - A Fresh Start?

I would have liked to have thought, after the last few months of '09 plagued my family with a variety of pesky illnesses - but alas, this weekend another nasty bug swept through the clan. It started in the middle of last week with the boy, then the stomach virus ripped it's way through the rest of the household.

I'll spare the details as it wasn't very pretty, but there were missed work days, missed school days and plenty of clean up.

I'm finally feeling (nearly) back to myself and decided to keep tonight very light on the activity scale as to not aggravate anything that may still be lingering beneath the surface. I did some stretching and some light mobility work then a few sets of push ups just to get some blood pumping - it felt good to be moving again, but after four days of almost no solid food and very little sleep, I am still feeling well below normal in the strength department.

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