Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adding a New Focus

I normally don't take "off days" completely off - I tear a deck of cards, do a few bends or close a gripper here and there, but I normally do it with little or no planning or structure - I suppose that's what makes it an "off day" Last night I came up with a new plan that's going to change all of that a little bit - I've got another goal in mind and it has to so with smashing big grippers...

Pictured here is David Horne's Vulcan Gripper, I've mentioned it here before and I have a link to David's site on the right, but I'm sure some of you had little idea what I was talking about. In short it's an ultra high quality, completely adjustable gripper that has strengths ranging from below a CoC 1 to around a CoC 4 and everything in between.

I plan on changing what were my "off days", most of them anyway, and turning them into gripper days - which I feel will give me a lot more focus on the actual gripper training rather than it feeling like an afterthought to the rest of my workout. Last night I set the Vulcan to level 4 and did God knows how many reps on each hand. I just performed sets to failure switching back and forth between hands until I couldn't complete a full close.

I don't have a concrete plan of action just yet, but I plan on performing workouts like last nights every night during the work week that was previously an off night - then actually use the weekend as a pair of off nights for grippers. I also plan on increasing the resistance one level with each new week.

My Ultimate goal is CoC certification and hopefully this training plan will at least get me started toward that goal.


  1. I like the idea of making "off" days grip days, although for the obsessed, off days can wind up being harder than anything else. How far away do you think you are from the COC#3? I'm currently trying to work up to the #2 and have been discouraged by how hard it is. Probably going to need a 1.5. Glad you're doing well!

  2. Yeah the last two nights were pretty hard - my hands are a bit sore today. My problem is that every single day is some kind of grip day for me - I'm addicted, I just need to find a way to do different things every day so my hands get some kind of a chance to recover.

    I guess I'm in the neighborhood of about a 2.5 right now. Good luck with hitting the 2, that's a tough gripper.

    Thanks for the kind words.