Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trying to Pack on a Little More Bulk

Getting stronger all around never hurt anybody, and though I've been focusing on strength training for quite some time now and seeing solid improvements, I'm still reasonably light for a strength athlete.

I decided I would do another cylce of 20 rep squats to try and pack on a few pounds of lean muscle. I've had good success with this routine in the past, usually making it throough the six weeks cylce a few pounds heavier and with noticable gains in strength almost all around.

I've decided that I'll modify the routine from the original a bit to still be able to focus heavily on my other goals. I'll do the 20 rep squats twice a week and train grip and with k-bells twice a week to keep making progress toawrd the CoC #3 and achieving 200 k-bell snatches in ten minutes.

Today was the first day of the 20 rep squats and all went very well, by the end I was exhausted and had very little left in the tank - for me that's one of the signs of a good workout.

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