Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Weekend

Hope all the Dads out there had a great Father's day - in anticipation of a busy Sunday, I moved my regular workout to Saturday night. I was looking to get in and out and get the best workout I could in a short window of available light outside before the rains were due to fall again.

I opted for Macebell Circuits

50 swings
50 Gravediggers (switch sides at 25)
50 Lateral Hops
30 Hindu Squats

Repeated the circuit three times with about a minute rest between, then I cleaned up the workout with some K-bell BUP's - 3 X 10 with each hand.

Sunday was my rest day - We took the kids, the in-laws and my Mom to the Philadelphia Zoo (my bro, sister in-law, god-daughter and brother-in-law also came along for the trip). It was a great day to be outside, the clouds kept the sun from beating down on us and it was cool enough to not be oppressive with all of the walking - everybody seemed to have a great time.

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