Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Workout and Too much Time on the Computer

So - I'm on Facebook now, have been for about two weeks or so and I must say that I've been pleasantly surprised thus far. If someone had told me the level to which the strength community over there had grown and how much all of these incredible athletes were willing to share with one another I would have thought they were greatly exaggerating - but in two short weeks I've become "friends" with more than forty of the most innovative and influential people in all of "real world" fitness. I've learned quite a few things and was actually inspired to do an impromptu workout last night based on a few of the things that I saw on FB yesterday.

Started out with V-bar (this wasn't from inspiration on FB, I just want to get back to training this lift on a regular basis)

51 X 5 X 5
96 X 5 X 5
141 X 3 X 3
166 X 2 X 2
191 X 1 X 1
201 X 1 X Fail
211 X 1
216 X 1 (this was pretty close, didn't get it on video, but it felt like it cleared the two inches by a reasonable amount)

Most of the rest of my workout (with the exception of a few pulls on my homemade 11olb thick handle DB) was performed with no weights. Lots of push-up complexes and lower body combinations (squats, lunges, pistols, etc.) Much of what I did here was based on things that I saw in the promotional video for Zach Even-Esh's "Body Weight University" video series that was released yesterday. Admittedly this portion of my workout could have been much more structured, but it was ridiculously intense.

I used a few rounds with the heavy bag as a finisher (inspired by reading Kira Robert Clarke's workout log - he's thefightgeek on Straight to the Bar) in his log yesterday there was lots of sparring and mitt work, and it occurred to me that I hadn't hit anything in a while.

I did three 3 minute rounds using both arms and legs for striking - no rest during rounds, constant movement.

It was a fantastic workout, and I partially have Facebook to thank - Go Figure

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