Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Workout Yesterday & Happy 4th

The boss let us cut out a little early yesterday for the coming three day weekend and I was already hankering to start working out, so the early start coupled with the excitement of an extra day out of the office further fueled my workout energy.

I started off with some mace swinging and kettlebell work to get the blood flowing:

4 sets of the following

Macebell swings X 45
Kettlebell 2 hand swings X 35

No rest between exercises 45 seconds between compound sets.


3 X 5 each side

Strongman event training

Loading and unloading implements to 40" platform

(Implements include a variety of sandbags and a water filled stability ball)

Sets of shouldering and rowing the various bags and stability ball

Finisher was carries for distance, first with 90lb sandbag for 3 X fail, then with the water filled stability ball for 4 X fail.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope everyone has a safe, happy and productive 4th of July weekend!

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