Friday, June 26, 2009

A Much Needed Day Off

Not for training - from the day job. My wife works every other weekend (including this one) and now that my daughter is off of school I wanted to take a day where we could go out and do something as a family - get out and play.

Last night's workout focused on V-bar, Macebell and some k-bell juggling.

Started with the heavy weight

96 X 6 Right, 6 Left
141 X 3 X 3
166 X 2 X 1
191 X 1 X bomb
201 X 1
211 X 1
216 X bomb

Macebell Swings
X 50
X 35
X 35

K-bell Juggling 16k

Freestyle (same hand flips, hand to hand flips, etc.) 3 sets X drop. The first one felt like it lasted forever, the second and third not so much.

This morning I got up early and hit some "quad squats" from the CST system and worked on some mobility movements. I feel great and am looking forward to the day ahead!

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