Friday, June 5, 2009

Good Workout Yesterday! + Tried Protyme protein powder

My hands were a little bit burnt from the recent gripper/kettlebell work, so I decided to not really do anything that would directly effect them yesterday. I opted instead on doing a bit of a variant of the old "Squats and Milk" routine, sans the milk.

I performed pretty much everything in one giant circuit with virtually no rest between the individual exercises, the weights were really nothing special but they weren't necessarily intended to be. I wanted to work intensely and quickly without stressing my hands, and I wanted to do something completely different from what I've been doing lately.

Squats 155 X 20
Dumbbell Pullovers 35 X 20
Stiff Legged Deadlifts 175 X 15
Dumbbell Pullovers 35 X 20
Dips bodyweight X 15
Axle Rows 90 X 12
Dips bodyweight X 15
Axle Rows 140 X 5
Dips bodyweight X 15
Axle Rows 120 X 6

Was in and out of the dungeon in about thirty five minutes, feeling great.

I'm normally not a huge supplement guy, aside from ACT energy drinks, I haven't really been taking anything, but when my sponsor BMF released Protyme protein powder I had to give it a shot. At 110 cals and 26 grams of protein with zero fat, Protyme certainly fit the bill in terms of keeping in line with my diet. I've tried a number of protein powders in the past and haven't really been a huge fan of any of them - most either didn't taste very good, or were a royal pain to mix without the use of appliances.

I was pleased to find that Protyme mixed up super easy in a simple water bottle, after just a few seconds of shaking - no lumps (that's a first from my experience.) Protyme actually tastes good as well, really good in fact - it was smooth and left no aftertaste - and for the first time that I can remember, I didn't have to force down the last of the bottle.

Props to BMF for putting together another incredible product, that delivers exactly what it promises on the label.

Thanks Bud!

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