Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation's over - Time to get back to Work!

My family and I just got back from a beautiful week down in Tennessee. We had a lot of fun with my brother and his family - we hit the Zoo, toured downtown, went swimming, spent some time by the fire pit and did some much needed relaxing. As far as working out, there wasn't much - I played a little basketball and bent a few 60d's for show, that was about it.

We got home last night and today it was back down into the dungeon.


96 X 6 right X 6 left
141 X 4 right X 4 left
176 X 2 right X 1 left
196 X 2 right X fail left

1 Finger Lift

76 each side X 5
96 each side X 3
126 X 1 each side with hold
146 X 1 each side with hold
166 X 1 each side with hold

TGU's w/ 24K bell

2 X 5 each side

finished up with some light grippers

Nothing to max, but it felt great just to get the blood flowing again!

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