Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday's Workout

Juggled things around this weekend a bit - workout moved to Saturday, with the way things are going this may be a permanent switch - either way is fine with me...

I foolishly attempted some one-legged deadlifts after seeing Gripster Ben Edwards doing them in one of his videos. I did find out the my balance is pretty much terrible: - )

On the upside, my frustration from absolute failure on the one-legged variety spurned me on for one hell of a session of 5 X 5 deads!

Worked just a little bit of 1" V-bar and some one finger lifting (this went much better that the previously attempted one leg lifting) and finished up with some work on the Vulcan - still confident that without any injuries that I'll be capable of Captains of Crush certification before 2009 is through.

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