Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tonight's Workout

Had a great workout today - Swings, snatches and jerks with the 24k kettlebell followed by about ten to twelve minutes of juggling with the 16k bell.

I haven't really juggled in what seems like ages, I've done hand to hand tosses and a few flips here and there but it felt like a long time since I actually focused on juggling with any fluidity. It was just as awesome as I remembered and I managed to pull off most of the moves that I tried without missing a beat. If the weather holds up on my training days I plan on trying to get out for at least fifteen minutes to juggle on one day a week.

I've also upped my grip training another day per week in an effort to push the limits just a little bit more toward certing on the number three before the year is out - it feels like one of those "so close, yet so far away" type of things and I'm hoping that the extra day will give me the kick in the a$$ I need to continually close in on that goal.

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