Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Sunday

My brother is flying in for the day and we have a mess of stuff lined up for the very short time that he'll be in town, so I had to keep this morning's training brief to be able to get ready for the day ahead.

During times like this is refreshing to know that you don't have to spend hour after hour in the gym in order for your workout to be effective. Today only took a little over twenty minutes, but still managed to kick my butt. On the schedule was:

5 X 5 deads - as heavy as I could handle after two sets of warm-up.

One Max attempt

3 X 3 Finger lifts

3 X 25 weighted sit ups

Everything was done with minimal rest - post workout included a 12 oz glass of milk, a PB sandwich and a quick shower - no it's time to hit the road

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