Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Night's Workout & Reading

Last night's workout consisted of supersets of deadlifts and clean & press.

This was a combination that I have never done before in a superset - one word that comes to mind is Brutal! I kept the weights relatively light and worked with purpose throughout - no wasted time or movement and it didn't take too long to feel all but spent.

After a few minutes of recovery from the supersets, I spent a little time with my homemade indian clubs and working on general mobility. Overall it was a great workout, and though I expected to feel it a bit today I'm a little surprised by just how much the clean & press effected me (in a good way though).

Once workout and shower were done, I settled down and started reading Born to Run, which arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. I cruised through the first few chapters prior to bed time and am thus far very impressed - you can expect a review once I've finished it.

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