Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Hydration Belt

Planning on taking on my first marathon this fall has me doing quite a bit of conditioning work in addition to my "normal" training - and now that the weather has finally seemed to break, I've actually gotten outside on some training runs. The longer the training run that you're planning, the more important it is to have a convenient way to hydrate yourself - sure you could carry a bottle (and some people prefer this method), but it's easier for me to maintain proper mechanics and get the most out of a long run if I don't have to worry about holding onto something for God knows how many miles.

So - for those of you who are avid runners looking for the best possible hydration belt, or for those of you who are just getting ready to take part in the wonders of scampering tons of miles per week (with or without a race goal in mind), I give you the # 1 pick for hydration...

The Run Lite 3 from Amphipod is so lightweight that you barely realize it's there, but it hugs tight enough to stay exactly where it's supposed to without bouncing around as you pound the pavement, track or trail.

The beauty of this belt (and the entire Run Lite line from Amphipod) is that you can truly make it your own. If you are going out on a three mile "out and back" that you are greatly familiar with, you can pop one bottle into the clip and have enough to get you through your run without adding any extra weight. If you opt to go on an a wild excursion that will last much of the day you can add extra bottles to the belt, but position them at any place you choose so you can be completely comfortable even though you are carrying enough to hydrate an army.

The Run Lite 3 is just about the easiest belt to use as well, rather than fumbling with pockets and pouches - the bottles snap into clips so easily and securely that you can remove and replace them with one hand, but with no fear that they'll come loose and hit the pavement after heavy jostling.

The Amphipod Run Lite 3 is the most comfortable, most convenient and easiet to use hydration belt that I've ever tried - for long or short runs, that's why it takes the top spot on the list of best hydration belts:

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