Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rough Weekend

My daughter is back to school and as some of you know that leads to rampant illnesses running through the house. She got sick the middle of last weekend, then subsequently passed it on to my son and me - who were both sick through the weekend.

She is totally fine and back to school and my son is perking up - I still feel a little like garbage, but managed to crank out a quick kettlebell workout tonight in spite of it all.

Cleans X 100 switching hands as necessary
Jerks X 100 switching hands as necessary
Snatches X 100 switching hands as necessary

Certainly not the most difficult or inspiring workout of my life, but it was quick and got the blood flowing after a weekend that was, for the most part, filled with inactivity.

Should be back to 100% by the time Thursday's workout rolls around!

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