Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Night's Workout and a Special Offer

Man, I haven't been updating the old blog as much as I would like to lately - but it's not because there hasn't been anything going on, quite the contrary in fact. I've begun some training for a virtual card tearing contest over at the World's Strongest Librarian, I've been training strongman events and been working on PLing and mobility - in short I've been a pretty busy dude.

Yesterday was a rousing bout of 20 rep squats along with some intense grip training followed by some card tearing - good fun!

What I'd like to offer to anyone who reads this blog, as my form of appreciation - is the opportunity to have your health and fitness questions answered. I may not be the number one fitness guru on the planet, but I've had some decent accomplishments (I've torn and quartered decks of cards, deadlifted well over 2-1/2 times bw, lifted more than 200lbs with one finger, closed a few pretty decent sized grippers and burst a whole can of soda) and I've also worked with a wide variety of strength, conditioning and nutrition experts so I know at least a thing or two about getting stronger and healthier.

If you've got a health, fitness or nutrition question that you feel the answer to would help you in some way on your route to a better you - fire away. My e-mail address is: - just put "fitness question" in the topic and I'll get back to you with my best answer to your question.

If the response is great and there is any interest, somewhere down the road I may consider offering one-on-one online training/coaching for athletes who have needs beyond just a few questions and who want some serious attention. Stay tuned and in the meantime, send me a question.

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