Monday, July 20, 2009

Deads and Grip

Twas a busy weekend - we had my daughter's fifth birthday party(ies) on Saturday - the kids party started at one and went until a little after four, then the family party began and it was after ten before it all came to an end. Long day, but lots of fun - the kids (and many of the adults) seemed to have a blast.

Sunday started off sluggishly, but as I crept down into the dungeon for my workout the adrenalin started to flow. This could be one of my last heavy workouts before we head out on vacation so I didn't want to leave anything in the tank - I picked a weight that I wanted to dead for twenty, then grinded (or ground?) out twenty five.

After a few minutes of recovery I hit some plate pinching - nothing too heavy here, just some hand to hand passes with three, then four dimes until they started to slide.

I finished up the workout with some work on the BBSM and a few spirited attempts on the #3 and one quick tear of a poker deck before calling it a day.

I honestly thought that I would be a little beat up today, but I woke up before the alarm feeling great - until I realized that I had to go to work : ^ )

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