Friday, June 25, 2010

Only a Few Days Left of Work

July 1st marks the first day of my life as a full time freelance writer - it also marks the first week day of the last several months that I won't be responsible working 8-10 hours doing sales then following that up with anywhere from 2-5 hours of writing.

I'm excited to say the least, this endeavor is going to mean more time with my family, less stress and a whole lot more time for working out.  Though I've managed to get pretty good at squeezing the highest work load possible out of the shortest amount of time when it comes to my workouts of late, having that extra time to really focus on achieving goals is going to be great.  I've got an arm's length list of goals that I have been compiling and now I'll actually get to tackle them head on without taking even more attention away from my wife and kids. 

I've been busy, very busy, but I never used that as an excuse to ignore my health - there is always time to be made during a given day to get in some physical activity.  I didn't have 2-3 hours a day set aside for working out but I manged, even on the busiest days, to do something to make myself stronger, faster or healthier.  This new career path is going to allow me more freedom to train, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't make the time if things had stayed the same.

Instead of making exuses about having too little time or being too tired, use that fifteen minutes you would have used griping to get in a short workout.  Then do it again tomorrow and the next day, even the longest journeys start with a single step - take that step today and do something to make yourself healthier.

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